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Twin Clamps

Parallel alignment of hoses, cables & pipes

Twin Overview
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Parallel alignment of hoses, cables, pipes or rope connections

Parallel alignment of unequal diameters and/or different centre distances

Surface technique treated edges for less risk of hose damage

Fast & Simple installation

Robust construction.

Twin Closed

Closed Twin Clamps

Twin Open

Open Twin Clamps

Twin OpenClosed
Twin Clamp Sizes

Order CodeCatalog No.Size
OCT0405/6W10405/24,0 - 5,0
OCT0607/6W10607/26,0 - 7,0
OCT0809/7W10809/28,0 - 9,0
OCT1011/8W11011/210,0 - 11,0
OCT1213/8,5W11213/212,0 - 13,0
OCT1415/9W11415/214,0 - 15,0
OCT1617/10W11617/216,0 - 17,0
OCT1819/10W11819/218,0 - 19,0
OCT2021/10W12021/220,0 - 21,0
OCT2223/10W12223/222,0 - 23,0




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