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1 Ear Mech


Twin Closed

Crimp Spirally

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Low Profile Clamps

Minimum Space requirement

Low Profile Overview
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Low installed height - minimum space requirement

Minimal imbalance on rotating parts

Simple safe installation

De-burred edges reduce the risk of damage

360 Stepless design - No steps or gaps on inside.

Stepless Low Profile Clamps

Stepless Low Profile Clamps 192

Allow for variation in temperature & tolerance

Stepless Low Profile Clamps

Stepless Low Profile Clamps 168

Uniform 360 Compression

Clamps ER

Clamps ER

Lightweight & Compact Design

Stepless DimensionsStepless Dimensions
Stepless Low Profile 192
Stepless Low Profile 168
Clamps ER




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2 Ear

Side Pincer

1 Ear Insert

Oetiker Pneumatic